Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Good Report

I just got back from the doctor and my PSA numbers have gone down again--they went up on the last check up. They now at their lowest level since the cancer was detected. So, that is very good news and we are very grateful.

Just a reminder: If you are a male (or have one you care about) who is over 50 years old, make it a habit to have an annual PSA test. It is a simple blood test--only takes a few minutes. I have had them since I was 50 and it was that annual habit that allowed us to catch the Prostrate Cancer at an early stage. Prostrate cancer is deadly, but it usually is slow acting (generally takes 10-12 years to be fatal if undetected/untreated). You have no symptoms until it has progressed into the really dangerous stages, and that's why you need the annual tests. So, get 'r done!