Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Again, again!

We had a rather weird day yesterday. Our (hopefully) last big snow of the season arrived Saturday night and lasted into mid-day Sunday. It cut into our a.m. attendance a bit but was actually rather beautiful. Although it was pretty heavy, it was melted by the time we got home Sunday night.

Our regular "snow plow" man is currently on a cruise with his family enjoying the sun. What a time to be away! Our backup guy was in Colorado on a ski trip with his family. Alex did get him on the phone and he was able to have one of his crew do the parking lot--we love cell phones! At least most folks didn't have to walk through the snow to get into the building.

I got home from Tennessee Friday afternoon. Cynthia picked me up at the airport and we were home before dark. Our kitchen is still not functional so we are living in/out of our bedroom. No way to cook, so eating has been something of a challenge. Didn't seem to be such a big deal while Cynthia was gone--the Alabama, Florida and Arizona kitchens were working! Now that she's home again, she isn't so happy about the lack of facilities. Jody is doing a great job, it just takes so much time. She purchases the appliances last week and they were delivered today. The cabinets are in, so now we have only one major item left--counter tops. Well, the floor still needs to be finished but that will be the last thing we do. We should be ready for company by the April school meeting.

Hanna and Kayla had their 7th birthday party Saturday. It was quite an event! 36 kids (27 girls!) at the Enchanted Castle for the afternoon. Watching them attack the rides/games quickly made it clear that my best option was to guard the presents! So I stayed out of harms way at the the present-table. Actually it turned out well, as there were several others doing the same thing for other parties. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with two of them as we huddled in the safe corner!

Something interesting happened in Tennessee along this line: A large group of us ate lunch at a Golden Coral buffet. Because of the size of the group we had several waitresses. Turned out that all of them had clear testimonies of salvation--six in all! I don't remember ever having that happen! A time of rejoicing and Bible study broke out in that end of the restaurant.

Lots of work got done while I was gone. The Tape of the Month mailing went out, TV and radio programs were shipped, all the orders are filled, the mail and office work is up to date, and this morning I finished paying the school bills. Makes me tired to think of it all! No time for a day off, however, since today began another week!

By the way, I'm still trying to figure my way around FaceBook. I'd be happy to be your Friend!


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